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We're doing great! Its been really nice to be here. We've gone to the beach a lot and played with family, watched movies and enjoyed each other's company. The kids are adjusting really well so far, probably because Carlos' kids are still here and they get to play with them all day. We went to register Isabel in school and its an awesome school!!! I'm so excited about it. Its like 2-3 years old, very secure and seems like they're really good about they're education. They gave me all this info, that Lincoln didn't do, about what she should already know and how I can help her and all this other stuff! They were really nice and Isabel's excited about it, which makes me not worry about it anymore. When I pick her up, the teacher hands her to me too and if its someone they don't know, they make them step into the office. The only bad thing about it is that there are ducks around there :) Isabel doesn't seem to mind, though.